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Welcome to the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s Advocacy website. The Partnership links the employer community and local, state and federal officials on issues and opportunities to increase the business competitiveness of our members and, in turn, of the overall region. Through initiatives such as Unshackle Upstate, the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition and the annual Regional Agenda, and political efforts of the Committee for Economic Growth (the Partnership PAC) to support business-friendly candidates for elected office, the Partnership is delivering results via advocacy “wins” and Election Night successes, including electing candidates who are Upstate-minded and understand the needs and concerns of the private sector.

Please use this website as a tool to promote your business’ advocacy needs as well as the needs of the Buffalo Niagara community. Likewise, we will be using this website to advocate on your behalf to our region’s representatives. We look forward to providing you with on-going, up-to-date public policy information and with all the tools you need to be a part of our efforts.

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